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About us Mikko De Castro February 6, 2020

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order."

- John Burroughs, Naturalist and Essayist
About Us

The soul of our solutions and services is biophilia. Biophilia is simply the love of all living things, it is the innate human disposition to connect to nature and other forms of life. It is the reason why when we’re asked to think of our happy place, most of us immediately either imagine a cabin in the mountains or a cottage by the beach.

At Cultivate, we believe that it is human nature to be in nature, and that to live is to be interconnected with the living—a modern challenge that has become more prevalent in these urban times and areas. It is a challenge that we are meeting head on by bringing and nurturing life into your spaces.

As advocates of biophilic design, we use a state-of-the-art approach to connect people with nature through incorporating greenery, natural light, nature views, and other experiences of the natural world into the modern built environment. This design ethos has been known to improve cognitive functions, and overall wellness, as well as increase creativity and productivity. For us, this is not merely a theory, but a practice that we have experienced and continue to cultivate.

We offer practical, innovative and tailor-made ways to provide our clients with distinctive, creative, and premium interior landscaping solutions, as well maintenance service to ensure that the plants are clean, healthy, and thriving.


Our Mission is to fully understand our clients’ objectives and find innovative ways to provide most distinctive, most creative, and highest quality interior landscaping solutions as well as offering all-inclusive maintenance service for support.


Our vision is to be recognized as the leading provider of interior landscaping solutions in the UAE and other countries by creating green spaces that engender boundless biophilia.

Our Values
Our people are defined by our core values that guide our behavior as a business. These values are reflected in everything that we do.

We foster an engaging and inclusive workplace that recognizes the power in individuals and believes in the greater power of collaboration and teamwork.


We operate consistently in accordance with a strong set of moral values while following applicable ethical guidelines and having the courage to always do the right thing.


We cultivate opportunities for our people to excel professionally and personally, enabling them to be the best versions of themselves, making them enthusiastic and passionate to provide exceptional service to our clients.


We pride ourselves in our commitment to deliver quality products and services to our clients and to nurture that relationship. We look at every project as an opportunity to find ways to be better at what we do, so we can continuously exceed client expectations.

Our People

At Cultivate, each employee is an ambassador of our brand. Our ethos on growth and development goes beyond plants, we apply this same ideology to our work culture and our people. Our employees are our greatest asset and our biggest strength and with our hands-on leadership, we ensure that our team members are meticulous, quality-oriented and well equipped to provide personalized client services. We know that we are the sum of our collective talents, we cultivate individualism, and we prioritize collaboration. We believe that when you invest in the workforce by planting seeds of professional and personal development, growth and success will happen organically.

The Cutivate Team
Our Founders
Ryan 2
Ryan Ramos
Founder & Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director, Ryan carries a demonstrated history of working in Design, Sales Management, Marketing and Business Development. He carries a biophilic design advocacy through his love of humanity and the environment.

Joanna Ramos
Chief heart officer

Overseeing the companies core within the Human Resources function, Joanna is the company’s culture champion – bringing her wealth of corporate knowledge in hiring laws, HR practices and business trends to keep employees motivated and in their best shape.

Our Leadership Team
Rowena Villanueva
Senior Accountant
Kenneth Ramos
Maintenance Manager
Jack Talon
Artificial Plants Manager
Michael Maglinte
Fibre Glass Dept. Manager
Heidi Maloloyan
Sales Consultant
Matt Bulos
Sales Consultant
DSC07068 copy
Jenny Cantos
Sales Coordinator

Cultivate Brands


Our Partners

On the rise to industry leadership, Cultivate prides itself in being the provider for some of the region’s most reputable companies within the hospitality and corporate sectors, and has won and executed prestigious projects from various clients in the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Croatia, Turkey and Oman.